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NTC 843 Series Fan Coil Thermostat
Modulating Control Deluxe Version

NTC 843 series thermostat with LCD features a 3 Point Floating Control for heating and cooling with a fan speed switch. The controllers are designed for use in 2-pipe or 4-pipe Fan Coil units, and a variety of heating and cooling applications controlled by water valves and damper actuators.

- Low power energy consumption: < 1W per unit

- Relays switching for fans up to 300W

- Automatic fan control for three stage fans

- Cost saving option with Economy functionality and set point limitations

- Control for single stage heating, cooling and fan only operation modes

- Password protected programmable user and control parameters


- Clock and time schedule functions with power failure protection

- Blue backlight for LCD

- Infrared remote controller option, NRC830

- Power backup for real time clock (Min 48h if charge for 24h)

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