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NTM 200 Series Modbus RTU Thermostat

Modbus RTU Master / Slave Protocol 

NTM 200 Series RS485 Modbus RTU networking LCD Fan Coil applies communication technology of Modbus RTU master/slave protocol to monitor and supervise year around air conditioning units in commercial, industrial and residential Installation. Typical application includes the control of fan coil units, packaged terminal air conditioners and combination heating and cooling equipment, as part of the system that consists of two-way or three-way valve and a multispeed line voltage fan. The maximum number of NTM 200 slaves in a Modbus RTU network is 32.

- Modern Appearance

- Stylish rotary dial and buttons

- Large LCD with backlight

- Support Modbus RTU protocol

- Support standalone operation on RS485 communication failure

- Retention of temperature set-point and fanspeed upon power failure

- Unoccupied mode contact for energy-saving

- 2-wire on-off, 0-10 VDC and 3-wire floating models

- Dual-output model provides auto cooling/ heating changeover with adjustable            deadband or/and manual override

- PI Algorithm (modulating models)

- Parameter setup manual

- Remote temperature sensor capability

- Seasonal changeover sensor availability

- Optional remote controller

- Additional Binary Input

- Extendibility to BACnet network with BACnet MS/TP Gateway module

NTM 200.png
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