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NPB Series Bacnet Communicating Controllers 
Cabinet Controller

NPB series BacNet Communicating Cabinet/Box mounted Controller. The NPB is programmable electronic

universal controller with communication capabilities.

- BACnet™ MS/TP communication over RS485

BACnet™ B-ASC device profile

- Models for 24VAC or 230VAC power supply

- RS485 bus communication with remote operation terminal NDB500

- Universal PI and/or binary control for any analog input/output signal and range

- Multiple auxiliary functions: heat-cool auto changeover, automatic enable, set point compensation

- Free heating or cooling with economizer function based on enthalpy or temperature

- Differential, averaging, min and max functions

NDB 500 Series Operation Terminal NPB Controllers
Thermostat With LCD

NDB 500 series thermostat with LCD is a remote display and operation terminal for NPB series controllers with an internal temperature sensor and two passive inputs.

- Remote access to controller state, setpoints, inputs and outputs
- Access to time schedule and clock settings
- Access to configuration parameters
- RS485 peer to peer communication according to a proprietary protocol
- The terminal adapts itself to the NPB controller used. One terminal thus fits all the configuration variations of the NPB series
- Internal temperature sensor
- Internal humidity sensor (D version)

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