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What do the two different current ratings for the auxiliary switches on your actuator mean?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

For all kinds of products which use electrical power, the manufacturers describe the electrical ratings of their products. Maximum amperes and volts (VAC and/or VDC) are used for this rating. In our Nenutec actuators, we use auxiliary switches which are single pole double throw (SPDT) types that are rated 3A(1.5A) @ 250 VAC max. In conformance with industry and certification agency standards, 3A is the maximum resistive load rating while 1.5A is the maximum inductive load at 250VAC.

Resistive load is any electrical device that consisting of heating element, and working based on the principle of resistors, so that the electric current passing through them will be impeded, and as a result the electrical device will produce heat. Examples of resistive loads: incandescent lamps, heaters…

Inductive load is any electrical device that consisting of wire coil (Winding), or working based on Magnetic Induction Working Principle. Inductive load causes the current rate to be blocked, resulting in a shift in the position of the current wave lagging from the voltage wave. Examples of inductive loads: Electric motor, Fans, Air compressor, Transformer, Relay coil, Solenoid coil...


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