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What are the advantages of using a spring return actuator?

Spring return actuators plays a significant role in applications where fail-safe operation and simplicity are vital. One of the main advantages of a spring return actuator is their fail-safe operation where the actuator will automatically return to it fail-safe position when there is a power shortage/interruption. This ensures that the damper returns to its safe state (which is usually in closed position) to prevent potential hazardous gas/smoke from spreading across the system.


Spring return actuators has higher reliability as compared to standard actuators. The build of the spring return actuators is mostly steel which makes it sturdy and durable. When there is a shortage in power in a case of fire, the spring return actuators will not fail because it made of mechanical spring instead of electronic components which allows it to automatically spring back to its fail-safe position without any electrical power supply.


Simplicity is one of a key factor of spring return actuators since the design is simple which makes installation and operation much easier as well as maintenance free. The likelihood of mechanical failure is relatively low because they have fewer components as compared to other complex actuators.


Spring return actuators also provide a sense of security and protects your assets when there is an emergency. In an occurrence of a catastrophe such as fire, the spring return actuator works as a layer of protection to save life and minimizes damages. It prevents smoke/fire from going through the vents from one room to another.


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